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The Biggest Crochet Blanket of The World - Hobbydingen.com

The Biggest Crocheted Blanket of The World

Connect by crochet! The biggest crocheted blanket of the world! And we saw it! We went to Tietjerk in Friesland The Netherlads to the nature and culturepark. There was the biggest blanket ever. People from all over the world worked 4 years on this blanket.

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Crochet Cardigans - Hobbydingen.com

Crochet Cardigans

We are making cardigans! For The Everyday Cardigan we are using two different colors of Scheepjes Colourcrafter. Ingrid is making a blue one and Marjan is making the grey one. For me (Marjan) this is actually the first time I’m making a garment for myself!

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Knitting Winter Items in the Summer: Simple Grey Beanie - Hobbydingen.com

Knitting Winter Items in the Summer

While there was a heat weave in The Netherlands I made this new hat design 😉 No, I’m not crazy I just needed a quick project. I love how this beanie turned out. It is soft and I love the pompom!
Temperaturen boven de 30 graden en ik brei een muts. 😉 Een leuk tussendoorproject! Het is een leuke muts geworden met een zachte pompon. Perfect voor de winter! De muts is lekker zacht en warm.

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Knitting My First Sweater - Hobbydingen.com

Knitting My First Sweater

I started my first raglan sweater! When I saw the pattern from Two of Wands I knew I had to make the sweater. The pattern is called the Autumn League Pullover. I grabbed some yarn and casted on this awesome sweater. I can’t wait to

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Crochet Pattern: Ocean Waves Shawl - Hobbydingen.com

Crochet Pattern: Ocean Waves Shawl

A new crochet pattern! The Ocean Waves Shawl, make this beautiful soft shawl with the perfect drape. Block the shawl for the perfect shape. This shawl is soft and big and perfect for autumn. Or any season. 🙂 Get the pattern on: Ravelry and LoveCrafts Want to

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Crochet Pattern: The Flower Fields Shawl - Hobbydingen.com

New Design: The Flower Fields Shawl

A colorful crochet pattern: The Flower Fields Shawl. This shawl is made with 6 different colors and 6 different stitch combinations to create this beautiful and big shawl. The colors that I’ve used for this shawl are different colors than I normally would use, but I

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Colorful Tunisian Crochet Blanket - Hobbydingen.com

My Crazy Colorful Tunisian Crochet Blanket

When I saw this book I immediately fell in love with the projects!! I wanted to start with all of them, the pencilcase, the beautiful blanket or that perfect pillow. The projects are all made with tunisian crochet. Unfortunately I couldn’t start with the projects, because

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Autumn is coming... Amigurumi Mushroom Amanita - Hobbydingen.com

Autumn is Coming…

Time flies. We are already past half September. And you can feel it. We have some sunny days, but at night the temperature drops. In the morning it’s a little chilly. Autumn is really coming! There are leaves everywhere on the ground. This is also

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Box Full of Handmade Winter Goodies...... Knit and Crochet - Hobbydingen.com

A box full of….. Handmade Winter Goodies

Autumn is already here. Get the scarves, hats and headbands from storage so you can use them again. It’s so nice to unpack a box full of handmade knit and crochet work….. and realize how many beautiful items you’ve actually made! I like to store my

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