Crochet & Knitting Pattern Tech Editing

Are you a crochet or knitting pattern designer who is striving to provide the best version of your pattern?

Hi there, I’m Marjan! For the past years I’ve been designing crochet and knitting patterns for English and Dutch publications, including several different websites and magazines. From my experience as a designer, I learned it’s important that a pattern includes all the essential information, is easy to understand and above all fun to make! With my experience as a designer and my great attention to detail, I want to help beginner and experienced desingers to create the best version of their crochet or knitting pattern!

Technical Editing Service:

As a tech editor I will review your English or Dutch crochet or knitting pattern. While reviewing your pattern, I will check the written text, math, consistency, measurements/sizing, etc. If applicable, I will check if the chart(s) match(es) the written instructions. After I have reviewed the pattern, I will send you my feedback and suggestions.

Additional Services:

  • Create crochet or knittings charts to accompany (parts of) your patterns.
  • Create a schematic to show the measurements of the finished item/garment.
  • Develop a style sheet that you can use again and again to create a consist style across all your patterns.
  • Translate your crochet or knitting patterns from English (US or UK crochet terminology) to Dutch, or vice versa.

Examples of charts & schematics:

Crochet Chart Example 1 for Crochet Pattern Technical Editing -
Hat Schematic Example 1 for Crochet Pattern Technical Editing -
Crochet Chart Granny Square Example for Crochet Tech Editing Service -
Sweater Schematic Example 2 for Crochet Pattern Technical Editing -

Availability & Pricing:

I charge €25,- per hour for technical editing, chart and schematic creation. Invoices will be send through PayPal. Feel free to send your pattern via email to receive an estimate.


You can contact me via the contact form below or send me an email at