Colorful Crochet Granny Square Project

Colorful Granny Square Crochet Project -

Looking for yarn for my next project I found a box with granny squares. I started making these granny squares a while ago. I had almost forgotten that I made the squares. It was a surprise to find them again. The original idea was to make a pillowcase with the granny squares, but I had already made more granny squares than I realized. The idea to make a bigger project came to life! Do you like crocheting granny squares?

Colorful Granny Square Crochet Project -

The start of my colorful crochet project

With two bags of mini skeins I made the original granny squares. The colors are mostly orange, yellow and pink. We have a box full of mini skeins in all the colors of the rainbow. When I saw the box, I got excited to start making more granny squares! With the extra yarn I can include more colors into my project. Including some of my favorite colors: blue, green and even yarn with glitter!

Colorful Granny Square Crochet Project -

Colorful Granny Square Crochet Project -

Colorful Granny Square Crochet Project -

Crochet pattern granny square

I decided to go with a simple granny square crochet pattern that I found here. It is only three rounds. The first two rounds are a circle and in the last round you make the corners to turn it into a square. It is super simple! After making a couple granny squares you will remember the crochet pattern by heart.

Colorful Granny Square Crochet Project -

Crocheting more granny squares…

By looking at all the colors I know that I will be busy for quite a while 🙂 . There are a lot more colors to included into this colorful crochet project. With one mini skein I can make about four granny squares. I just can’t wait to include more colors into this project! I will just keep making granny squares and see with how many I end up with. Then I will decide if I can make a (small) blanket or something else. The idea of a project where the color changes slowly, seems very cool to me!


Have you ever used mini skeins or small balls of yarn?


Have a creative day!

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