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Free Crochet Pattern: Plant Hanger - Hobbydingen.com

Planthanger with Yarn and Colors Epic

Crocheted Planthanger with Yarn and Colors Epic This time I made a planthanger with only one ball of Yarn and Colors Epic for this easy project. I crocheted this cool planthanger with the yarn: Yarn and Colors Epic, that I received from Nynke from SeldenSa.

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Free Crochet Pattern: Waterfall Scarf - Hobbydingen.com

Free Crochet Pattern Scarf: The Waterfall Scarf

Free Crochet Pattern – Waterfall Scarf With the free crochet pattern for the Waterfall Scarf you can make a beautiful scarf yourself. The scarf has a chevron pattern, it looks like waves with small openings. The crochet pattern for this scarf is perfect for beginner

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New Design: The Popcorn Hat - Crochet pattern to make your own hat/beanie - Hobbydingen.com

New Design: The Popcorn Hat

A brand new crochet pattern: “The Popcorn Hat”! Get your hook and some yarn and start crocheting…… It is a great pattern to crochet an awesome hat. The pattern is written so that you can make the size hat you want to. Get your hook

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Free Crochet Pattern: Stars

Today we are sharing a free crochet pattern to make these little star ornaments. You can make them with any yarn you like. Use chunky yarn to create some bigger stars, or use really thin yarn to make tiny stars 🙂 Have fun! English Pattern: You

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Knitting Pattern: The Wonderland Hat - Hobbydingen.com

New Design: The Wonderland Hat

A new knitting pattern: The Wonderland Hat!   A knitting pattern for this beautiful hat! “The Wonderland Hat”. I made this hat with yarn I bought on our holiday in Denmark last summer. It is from Hjertegarn, The Holiday Shawl is also made with Hjertegarn.

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Free Crochet Pattern Hearts for Valentine's Day - Hobbydingen.com

Free Crochet Pattern Heart

It is almost Valentine’s Day and the perfect time to crochet some hearts! Today I am sharing the free crochet pattern for these cute, little hearts. You can make the hearts with yarn of your choice and a matching crochet hook. With this free crochet pattern

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Free Crochet Pattern Plant Hanger - Hobbydingen.com

Free Crochet Pattern: Planthanger

Today we are sharing the free crochet pattern for this awesome plant hanger! Make this really easy plant hanger to get ready for spring. Have fun crocheting! **You can purchase the add free pattern here.** Don’t forget to share a picture of your creation with

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New Design Coming Soon Tunisian Crochet Ombre Pillow - Hobbydingen.com

New Design Coming Soon

Last month I’ve been working on a new design. It is made with Tunisian crochet. For this new pillow design I used 6 colors of Yarn and Colors Epic. I used them in a way to create an ombre effect. In the pattern the tunisian crochet

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