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Hi, we are Ingrid & Marjan!

We just love to crochet, craft & create…!

You’re now visiting Hobbydingen, the place where we share our crochet, knitting & diy ideas with you!

Ingrid & Marjan - Hobbydingen.com

Ingrid: “When I was little I learned to crochet. I love making home accessories and decorate our home with handmade items.”

Marjan: “I learned to crochet about 6 years ago. When my mom started crocheting again, I wanted to learn it too. I learned the basics from books and kept trying different stitches & patterns. A couple years ago I started designed my own patterns. You can check out my patterns on Ravelry and LoveCrafts.”

You can contact us by email: info@hobbydingen.com 


In 2017 we started our blog Hobbydingen. Hobbydingen is a diy blog dedicated to making your own crafts. In Dutch Hobbydingen means hobby things. We just love to be creative and share our projects with you! 🙂 We share handmade items on our blog. One of our goals is to inspire you to make your own creation. We write crochet & knitting patterns for our shops. On our blog you will also find free crochet patterns.

Other projects

You can find blogposts & designs from us on Breiclub.nl. A couple of our designs are published in Aandehaak(a Dutch crochet magazine).

Aandehaak 12: Winterspecial, Polswarmers - Hobbydingen.com
Our wristwarmers on the cover of Aandehaak.

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