Be inspired!


We love to make new designs and write patterns. Below are all of our designs for Hobbydingen. All patterns for these designs are written in Dutch and English. Patterns are available on: Etsy, Ravelry, Craftsy & LoveCrochet.

Crochet Patterns:

Crochet Pattern: Shades of Blue Cowl -
Shades of Blue Cowl
Crochet Pattern: The Flower Fields Shawl -
The Flower Fields Shawl
Crochet Pattern: Ocean Waves Shawl -
Ocean Waves Shawl
New Design The Crazy Bobble Hat -
The Crazy Bobble Hat
The Adventure Shawl -
The Adventure Shawl
New Design: Cabled Headband -
Cabled Headband
New Design: The Popcorn Hat - Crochet pattern to make your own hat/beanie -
The Popcorn Hat - Simple Boho Poncho
Simple Boho Poncho - The Blue Wonder Beanie Crochetpattern
The Blue Wonder Beanie - Blue and Green Dreamcatcher
Blue and Green Dreamcatcher - The Holiday Shawl
The Holiday Shawl
New Design: The Ombre Pillow //Tunisian Crochet Project -
Ombre Pillow
Tunisian Crochet Pattern Ruska Cowl -
Ruska Cowl

Knitting patterns:

Knitting Winter Items in the Summer: Simple Grey Beanie -
Simple Grey Beanie
The Neon Pink Pompom Pillow -
The Neon Pink Pompom Pillow
New Design: The Antarctica Hat -
The Antarctica Hat
Knitting Pattern: The Wonderland Hat -
The Wonderland Hat
Knitting Pattern Cosy Winter Headband -
Cosy Winter Headband