About us

Welcome on our blog!

We are Ingrid & Marjan, and we just love to craft, crochet and create…!

Ingrid & Marjan - Hobbydingen.com


We love to be creative! On our blog you will find all kind of projects.

Be inspired!

Be inspired to start a new project and get inspiration! On our blog we will share projects that we made, new crochet/knitting patterns, write about different crochet techniques, share recipes and so much more!!

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Our own designs

We make our own designs, click here to view all of them.


Other projects

We are also working with a dutch website called Breiclub.nl We write blogs and make designs for the website. Click here to read the dutch blogs Ingrid wrote for Breiclub.nl.

Do you want to work with us? Please send us a message: hobbyding@gmail.com